About Us

The Chrysalis Capital Group delivers superior shareholder returns through the creation of a series of unique Capital Pool Companies. Our professional, full-time approach, supported by years of experience and innovation, makes Chrysalis a leader at investing in, and working with, companies pursuing a public listing.

At the heart of Chrysalis is a desire to work with and invest in high quality people and businesses. We are the only group with a full-time focus on the Capital Pool Company ("CPC") program - a program that is under-serviced and often misunderstood.

We are entrepreneurs, not financiers / "middlemen" who derive income from fees - we only realize value if the companies we take public are successful (via capital gains). This unique structure means we act as both a new investor looking to invest in a high quality business at a reasonable value and an existing insider, who is concerned with the long-term success of the business.

The actual process of going public is often an "after thought" - left to inexperienced, unmotivated individuals who are not rewarded to be creative or add value, invariably destroying value. 

The experience and expertise Chrysalis has gained in over a dozen CPC transactions, coupled with our significant personal investment in each of our CPCs, makes us the choice for companies looking to go public.  

Not all CPCs are created equally...